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About Warrambucca Books

Publishing a book is like giving birth - it's taken months or years of incubation and suddenly, your heart and soul creation is ready for all the world to see.

Sometimes though, our years of labour don't get to see the light of day, never become a real thing to hold in our hands and say, "I did it!"

The book publishing industry can be a tough market to break into if you're a new and unknown author. There are many talented writers out there that the doors just don't seem to open for.

The rejection letters pile up, each one like a little stab to our heart, each one a rejection of our labour of love.

That's why, in 2010, Warrambucca Books was born - it began as a dream to help aspiring authors showcase their work. 

Warrambucca Books aims to bring together authors, readers, and publishers in an attempt to find new talent and share great writing.

This is done through writing competitions and showcasing the winning entries.

Authors that are chosen from these competitions may even see their works published.


Winning an award for my story in Warrambucca Books' Spooky but True Competition gave me the push I needed to keep going, to continue learning the craft of writing at a point when I was wondering if I should. I've since met many friends in the writing community and been so inspired, that I'm glad I had the opportunity for my story to find a home.

Zoya Nojin

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