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Too Soon for Midnight


Drifting shadows

Hidden secrets

Shocking truths

A matter of life and death



Lauren Baxter can sense things, but ignoring her instinct on a freezing winter’s night changes her life forever. She has no memory of how she ended up in the bushland, drunk and with a guy she despises. Is it karma for taking the car for a joy ride or fate’s way of getting her to the hospital to discover one of her family’s terrible secrets?

As the truth from that fateful night and the past explode open, Lauren is torn between joining her dad or staying and facing her destiny. The decision she makes is the difference between life and death.



Too Soon for Midnight, an award winning entry in the CYA competition, weaves the stories of two teenage sisters together in the heart-wrenching tale of a family in crisis.

Too Soon for Midnight

321 pages, softcover

Copies are $30 each, which includes postage and handling within Australia

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